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About Me!


Hi! My name is Seka. I am in 7th grade and live in Scarsdale NY. My Bat Mitzvah is this upcoming June. My family and I are very creative people. We are always doing crafts. For my Bat Mitzvah project, I chose to make candles! I love candles. I have about 7 in my room. I find candles very stress relieving and I love the smells. That is why i chose to make DIY candles and sell them. My goal is to make up to $5000 selling the candles and donate to the charities I selected. I am luckier than most people across the world so I love giving back. Why don't you help and check out our candles?!

Ingnite Kindness

100% of Proceeds go to Charity
+ If you Mail Back Your Container, We'll Refill it for 1/2 off!

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Help An Orphanage

A Haitian orphange founded by our friend, Suzie Krabacher. Several children visited us a few years ago and it was wonderful to have them. They gave us a picture frame that they made out of wood.

Children Thank You!

Save Our Oceans

I love to surf and I love the ocean. We will donate to Oceana.org who works all over the world to clean our oceans for us to enjoy and for fish, whales and coral can survive.

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Provide Food & School Supplies

Donate towards school supplies and a food pantry at Hope Community Services in New York. We know during Covid, many children didn't have the supplies or lunches they needed to do school at home. This program is an effort to ensure that no kid goes without the learning supplies or food they need to succeed.

Ignite Kindness Here

REfill Program

We Will Refill Your Empty Jar!

Join our Refill Program! We want your candles to look beautiful but we also want conserve the glass container to cut down on waste. Therefore, email us at candlesforcharityco@gmail.com and we will send you a fed ex label to send the empty candle containers back to us!! We will refill that container and you can buy it again at 50% off.

What Our Awesome Customers Say

Smells lovely. And I love that I am helping a charity at the same time!

Abba Dunja

Beautiful and fragrant candle! I'm very happy with my purchase! I bought 6 for my daughter's bday!


Wow. I love this candle. It's right next to me at the moment!! Smells like birthday cake!


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